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Monday, 28 April 2014

Your Daily Calorie Intake And Its Relationship To Weight Steadily

Spread on the Internet sites that are calculated daily need of calories, which vary by sex, age, height and weight.

Examples of site which offers a tool to calculate the daily need of calories to maintain weight, and weight reduction, and the reduction of extreme weight. The site also contains useful information on how to use these indicators, which I'll try to translate it in this post.

Calories to reduce fat

Scientifically, every pound of fat (almost half a kilogram), is equal to 3,500 calories. So we need to cut calories needed by the body by 500 calories a day even lose pounds at the end of the week.

But, in fact, not be things such accuracy!

Generally, less than the energy needed by the body as they become less mass, which means that it is inevitable phase stability of weight. Ali diet already followed to reduce weight, has now become a reason for the stability of this weight.


When calculating the daily calorie intake, always follow the quantity required to reduce the weight, not quantity requirement for reducing extreme weight, because the latter is the minimum of calories daily, and the start of the system in this quantity could backfire. Could get used to this amount and then later have to cut your calories to below the minimum.

Weight stabilization phase

With the passage of time, our bodies adapt with low quantity of calories, our bodies become more energy efficient, which means metabolism (metabolic) slower, and thus burn less fat.

This is the point where the majority of up diet to weight stabilization phase. The solution here is to stimulate the metabolism, so by:

Increasing the duration of cardio (jogging and aerobics, etc)

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