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Monday, 28 April 2014

I Suffer Slim, How Do I Increase My Weight?

Why are you skinny? And when we say a person is "skinny"?

If he knew why the hero of wonder, know the reasons for thinness severe:

1. Genetic cause: to inherit the role of the thinness in some cases where a person is descended from a family where people.

2. Cause hormonal : Sometimes there is some deficiency in the work of one of the glands in the body that have a relationship in regulating body weight and fat burning and appetite, hunger and satiety.

3. Satisfactory reasons: some people become certain diseases to affect the psychology and lead to reduced appetite, or stay away from a particular food, or the inability to eat a whole sometimes.

4. Natural causes: like eating small amounts of food which leads to reduce the size of the stomach and thus sufficiency in small amounts of food, or the large number of daily movement, or frequent smoking so you should try to quit smoking.

5. Follow special diets to lose weight and keep it to limit access to the thinness and then the inability to recover normal weight.

6. Incidence of certain organic diseases such as hyper thyroid, severe anemia, certain digestive diseases that prevent the absorption of digested food, incidence of certain tumors or as a result of treatment.

7. Certain diseases psychological, such as severe depression, which causes loss of appetite, obsession that makes a patient did not feel hungry.

Thus clarity reasons easier for us to solve the problem.

If you are hormonal causes or satisfactory must go and for a nutritionist and a feminist analysis (sugar, anemia, endocrine and lack of calcium and vitamins) help us and guide us to treat medicinally and distract us medicines we need.

Write us vitamins of course take them without medical advice not from said he had bought from a pharmacy and to fit for someone else condition fit for you everybody has a need and take you to the wrong amount of redundant harm psychological reasons you need us can review aid

For natural reasons for these are returns to us, we need to change our habits and start again in a clear and permission of the One we get the weight and body to aspire to it.

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