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Friday, 23 May 2014

1. Stretch marks on the skin increase

They are a response to dissatisfaction with one's body, the discrepancy between reality and the ideal, which is offered by the media at every turn, but that is unattainable for the majority of the population.
Girls often suffer from the need to lose weight and different ways to prevent food intake (anorexia, bulimia), men feel muscle insufficiency, which causes them to overload the body inadequate training and when they sport brings health complications (inflammation of the tendon, stretch marks on the skin increase in muscle mass, etc.).
This behavior is accompanied by excessive consumption of various food supplements that promote muscle growth (big uremia).
What is big uremia?
Due to the fact that the subjective feeling of a conflict between their own idea of the perfect form and character is characteristic for this disease, scientists began to discrepancies between subjective and objective perception of the body deal more.
Surveys in which it was compared BMI index as an objective measure of subjective self-assessment figures showed that even slim people objectively have objections to his body and perceive it as too thick.
According to Gallup believed in 1973 almost 55% of the women are obese, and in 1990 it was 80% of women believe they are overweight (Crook, 1995).
The surprise is that our inner idea is only minimally correlated with ratings of attractiveness by an unbiased observer
In general, it appears that body image affects the psyche and health, much more than the actual appearance. It is clear that very closely related to problems such as eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

What Foods Should Be Deleted Altogether From The Diet

What foods should be deleted altogether from the diet - Any fast food, all spice and "tasty" — chips, crackers, as well as products that invented beer " by the way, and the beer itself.

I want to also mention the alcohol, specifically whiskey and vodka is extremely high-calorie foods, they stimulate the appetite, unnoticed, and permanently rebuild a unique liver tissue (as well as other our precious bodies — the brain, heart, blood vessels, pancreas).

Like water or juice during food intake affects the body - Water during or after a meal (the cool and quick SIPs) accelerates the transition of food from the stomach into the small intestine without due process.

This is a consistent cascade of enzymatic reactions and motor skills. Instead use — violation of digestion, absorption with the development of putrefactive processes in the intestine. And this is the breath, intestinal gas (pardon, with particularly unpleasant smell), poor complexion, headaches, and ugly mood.

What time of day should be the last meal - The Council "to 18.00" is very reasonable. And what do those who return home at 20-21 hour? Before leaving from work and especially before entering the grocery store-make a snack is a glass of hot tea with milk, Apple. Dine no more than 20 minutes (without a slow, thoughtful chewing).

But if you really want to eat — remember the warm milk or kefir, light vinaigrette (without salt and mayonnaise), baked apples and honey and in an hour after meal-sweet dreams without pangs of conscience and stomach!

You Can Easily Overcome The Natural Feeling Of Hunger

A constitutional (and sometimes due to hormonal disorders) increased basal metabolic rate. It happens that the outside the welfare problem lies digestion and absorption.

If we talk about normal for each person you want to have weight, "close" to the ideal, and an attractive appearance, and the ease and confidence and lack of feelings of guilt and depression, you must include the emotional, willed the scope and go to town!

Use any of the products must be strictly limited:

•    White bread - Preference should be given to bread with bran, a little-no more than 2-x thin pieces a day.

•    Potatoes-especially fried or fried.

•    Sugar in any form and any product (snacks, beverages, sauces).

It is advisable to consume products that morning only - The concern is that in the morning you want to eat (moderately and rationally) at least 2 times (boiled eggs, boiled beef or fish, light cereal with skim milk). And to think all you want from the evening.

The important thing is not to expect that being a whole day in hungry, you can easily overcome the natural feeling of hunger at home in the evening surrounded by rather chew a delicious dinner family members! You can replace the cakes-pies-sweet to be in the diet, and the shape is not affected:

•    Dark chocolate;

•    Marmalade;

•    2-3 caramel tea without sugar;

•    Dried fruits (especially prunes, figs);

•    Fresh apricots;

•    Plum;

•    Oranges.

How To Achieve Weight Loss Victory

Physiotherapist and sports medicine specialists - Only once in a critical situation, you have to appreciate the significance of professional industry of fitness experts as according to the recommendations of "the right approach".

Choosing the right team is the easiest way to comply with the regime. If fate has decided that its fight against excess weight you've started in a similar way, as I did (magazines and advice of friends), I advise you to pause until you are totally not familiar with my experience.

Of course, there is a theory that in order to achieve victory and understand all the regularities, which opens each new experience is worth to go through all the stages of development, including with heavy losses.

Health is not the best solution. Error made in order to reduce weight, and correct these errors, better to learn from the experience of others.

How to lose weight significantly - What rules must be followed in order to save the form, substantially without any food, told the candidate of medical sciences, doctor of higher category and head of a multidisciplinary clinic.

The phrase "do not limit yourself to eating habits and save the form" provocative enough. Of course, the memory of every “fat” has a happy friend that much and indiscriminately eats, and shapes it as fashion models.

Options for this are not so much. Perhaps the selection and combination of products are offset by a sufficient flow of energy through physical activity.

Dietitians And Nutritionists Reviews About Weight Loss

Popular Literature - A little more serious journals are literature works written like-like-professionals who promote any particular way to reduce weight or diet. Popularizing their tips, they argue that other methods do not work, and, after reading two different works, a person could be in a very difficult situation, close to despair.

Group therapy - When I couldn't make up my mind about a "scientific and justifier’s" power mode, decided to talk to real people. It is easier to just meet people who advertised. Classes in such groups can help, and perhaps, for many this is the only way to solve the problem. But I noticed more noise than opportunities. It is clear that the rent must be paid for all, and from a man who quickly solved their problem, not a lot of money.

Dietitians and nutritionists - Strange, but only a small number of people with the problem of excess weight to the certified dietitian or nutrition specialist, over time I realized that the real problem can only be solved with the help of a real person, so he wrote to this specialist.

Psychotherapy - The more you know about your problem, the more ambiguities arise. And that is exactly what happened to me in connection with my kg. A couple of consultations with a "head", not "tuck" opened my eyes to many questions.

Fitness club - From words to deeds sooner or later, every one of slimming has ever visited a gym. One wrong step and you're on the verge of death.

The Cause Of Excess Weight

Tall man with a thin bone is less likely to gain excess weight than squat people. And lose weight it therefore much easier. If at least one parent is inclined to completeness, then a person has every chance to be complete. Again, some people's body burns fat faster than other body.

The cause of excess weight often lies in the different emotions - After quarrels, conflict, people are always drawn to food-seize mount. Somebody wants to sweet, someone fat.

Favorite food can help relieve stress. And the good mood of appetite increases. This can be seen on newlyweds, after the wedding for a year, both usually get fat if they are all good in family life. You must always look to what we eat. After all, our body consists of what we eat, drink and breathe.

To make acquaintance with me became clearer and more useful to briefly list all that gave me the opportunity to gain experience that will describe in detail in the coming weeks.

Magazines and friends - In the beginning, like many, have been published in magazines and advice of friends, follow the advice of these magazines, perhaps the worst thing that can happen to someone who wants to solve the problem of excess but it has its bright side — those stupid magazines really help make the first step, though not in the right direction.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Reasons Why People Get Weight

The weight is real, use the same scales. Best of all weighed on an electronic balance, barefoot and without clothes.

Weighing should be carried out one time a week - The exact weight of a person is determined after he renounces the use of salt for a few days. Thus, you get rid of excess fluid.

Reasons why people get weight - To combat obesity, first of all, you need to identify the reason for its occurrence. You can clearly identify these causes of weight loss:

The basic and the most common cause of excess weight is unhealthy diet. Often everyone morning lightly bites in the evening after work to satiety and goes to bed. Power was unbalanced. In response, the body lays extra fat.

Overweight is often a consequence of a disease. There are many diseases which are functions of the body and metabolism. People are treated with pills, many lie and eaten. Because of the small mobility are overweight.

Overweight women often appear after pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnant woman is eating for two, has no control over their food. The kid from that there is no harm, but to shape the behavior of the mother after the birth of the child is reflected in full.

The tendency to often is defined by Somatotype - The propensity to fullness depends only on n acquired genes, but also on the type of structure of the human body (Somatotype).

Peculiarities Of Buckwheat Diet

On peculiarities of buckwheat diet told us dietician, PhD, associate professor of the Kiev National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine and founder of the NGO "Slim Ukraine ", dietician, endocrinologist Natalia Samoilenko.

HARD AND intrusive option - To get started you will be examined: buckwheat love you or not. If not, buckwheat diet does not suit you, because the game is not worth it, if you will through force and disgust cram a mess. If your answer is "yes", then decide on what kind of diet you are willing to sit - mono or buckwheat, kefir and vegetables.

The first option - hard: only allowed steamed buckwheat, without salt, sugar, sauces, oils, etc. And all should drink water and tea (again the same without sugar). The second option - sparing. It is for him leaning nutritionists.

Need to be weighed in the morning and barefoot - Are you surprised that your scales often show different figures? If you are afraid that your weight is changing daily, it is worth checking how well you are weighed.

Weight person as it depends on the contents of the intestine, and the amount of fluid in the body. For example, if you will soon begin menstruation, the balance may show more than 2 kg.

This is due to an excess of body fluid, best done in the morning weighing. Please visit the toilet and bathroom on frequent basis.

How To Lose Weight Successfully And Permanently

Sporting activities also has advantages in terms of improved health - improving mood, strengthen the cardiovascular system and the pressure drop. Sporting activities also helps to maintain the achieved, resulting in weight loss weight.

Change lifestyle - Not enough to eat healthy foods and exercise for several weeks or even months if you aspire to lose weight successfully and permanently, these new habits have become a way of life.

Most likely, from time to time you will be ripped off, importantly, after such recurrences, not to abandon the new way of life, but just start again the next day.

Despite the fact that medical treatment abroad has the highest success rates, representatives of the Israeli health care system, make great efforts to raise the consciousness of society in all that is related to health hazards caused by obesity, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

We hope that the above principles will help you get rid of excess weight, and wish you every success in their endeavors, aimed at a healthier lifestyle.

You can lose 20 pounds in a month, but the nerve is not suitable - Buckwheat diet is relatively cheap, convenient (especially not necessary to cook) and effective: after losing 10-12 pounds in two weeks - it's not a joke!

The point is simple: for breakfast, lunch and dinner should eat buckwheat porridge, porridge and nothing but porridge.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Nobody Can Make You To Lose Weight

Find your inner motivation - Nobody can make you lose weight. You need to change your diet or exercise to satisfy them! Think that will give you enough power to stick to a weight loss plan?

Make a list of what is most important for you that will motivate you. Then, find a way to access their "motivators" for support, for example in the form of perks on the kitchen door.

Put realistic goals - When it comes to weight loss long-term prospects, it is necessary to strive for the loss of 0.5-1 kg per week.

However, at first, may be losing weight faster than significant changes in lifestyle - most importantly, make sure that these changes do not harm your health. To, get rid of extra 0.5-1 kg a week, you need to burn 500 to 1,000 calories more per day calorie intake.

Learn to enjoy healthier foods - In order for your new diet stimulated weight loss, you must reduce the amount of calories consumed.

Nevertheless it, reducing the amount of calories does not mean giving up delicious food, taste pleasures, and the process of cooking. One way to reduce the amount of calories consumed - cook more dishes based on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Strive for diversity in food - it will help you achieve your goals.

Work out - Although in principle it is possible to lose weight without working out, combining diet with exercise, weight loss will be much more efficient. With exercise you can reach those calories, which is not to get a diet.

The Proper Amount Of Calories To Burn

About active exercise – There is no need to pace you hours of training. The proper amount of calories to burn so fails but to speed up metabolism - well, that will lead to more intense weight reduction. So if you stick to a certain regime change is not worth it.

Perhaps it should be noted separately different fat burners that exist on the sports nutrition market. They will be relevant during exercise or physical work, facilitating the processing of stored fat, thus providing the body with the amount of energy reserves.

During glucose limitation, the effect manifests itself in the absence of hunger and greater endurance. Often you can hear the name "thermogenic".

This is due to the fact that they actually do not allow to freeze or cause perspiration that erroneously referred to as "fever", though the effect is connected with only an increase in blood glucose. If you did everything correctly, a few months will be able to walk on the beach without fear that someone will look better than you.

Weight reduction - a strategy for success - Excess weight - it's not just an aesthetic problem. Many diseases that reduce life expectancy begin with obesity. Experts in endocrinology offer you familiarize yourself with the weight loss strategy based on six principles.

Take a long term commitment - Long-term weight loss requires the contribution of time and effort, and most importantly, a commitment for life. Make sure that you are ready to enter the long-term changes to your lifestyle, and that you assume these obligations for the right reasons.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Agility Without Diet

It may seem impossible to you that but with the change in food habits and the quality is not you will find that you're building a system and method for a new life free from deprivation, hunger and conflict with kilos heavy and deadly fevers.

Characteristic of the following points, ease of implementation, and to ensure that the result will feel that you maintain the body balanced healthy follows:

• Choose your food carefully.

• Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly.

• If you feel satiety, Hurry to carry off the table even did your food.

• A lot of food there, wait until before the next meal.

• Do not excuse eating more food then you are yourself.

• Eat a meal on 3 stages Begin and authorities then carbohydrates and proteins.

• To yourself of food to the point of starvation to eating without the expense.

• Eat and Cut down on drinking the juice.

• If you feel a desire to eat sweets and choose one day a week for yourself does and eats of sweets.

• Donny gains and advantages that you'll get them in case reached the agility required.

• Do not go shopping and you're hungry.

• Multiply of your movement daily movement a lot of calories.

• Exercise, exercise daily whenever a abounded whenever more of your weight.

Mediterranean Diet Helps Women To Conceive

Women who want to conceive quickly and healthy should eat meals Mediterranean diet rich in fruits of avocado oil, olive and small amounts of meat and dairy:

Revealed a recent medical study conducted by U.S. researchers revealed that commitment women diet Mediterranean food enabling them to load in a short time compared unhealthy foods prevent the focal point for the desired goal.

Researchers at Harvard University, United States of America that women who want to conceive quickly and healthy should eat meals Mediterranean diet rich in fruits avocado and oil for the olive and small amounts of meat and dairy.

Study pointed out that the system of the Mediterranean Sea has a precipitant Monounsaturated fats, which are found in fruits and olive oil, as well as peanuts, almonds, cashews, which would raise the chances of a successful pregnancy naturally to three-fold compared to resort to fertility treatments and artificial insemination.

Contrast, eating a lot of saturated fat in dairy products and red meat harm the fertility of women, while studies have linked the high consumption of saturated fat, lack of sperm count.

The Risks Of The Diet

If you follow the protein diet or you're thinking followed. Must be wondering whether having any side effects; In fact you hurt yourself by following this type of diet

There are some points that need to be understood by when you follow this type of diet which depends on only as a primary source of protein, such as the Atkins diet. Atkins charcoal may help to lose weight quickly, but it has several side effects, including: drought, the loss of calcium, body weakness, nausea, and many problems in the kidneys.

This diet may be the most dangerous in people with health problems such as heart disease, stress, and diabetes and kidney disease. An example of this people with diabetes type I, which depends on insulin, are particularly vulnerable to injury down the sugar if you do not eat the necessary amount of carbohydrates, and is another example of people who engage in regular exercise may become infected decline in energy level and therefore weakness in the muscles of the body.

Suffered diet, which depends on the consumption of unlimited amounts of protein and fat in preventing eating foods rich in carbohydrates, recently for a series of practical tests

Concluded new study results when compared to evidence obtained from 60 study about the campaign beside fevers again rely on the limited use of carbohydrates and entranced by the results of studies Several small, conducted earlier scientists since have shown that users of the Atkins diet lose more weight than those who limited their diet on a diet traditionally depends on easing the consumption of fat and calories.

Suspected of scientists to review the weights who rely on a diet of limited use very carbohydrate, perhaps is associated with low rates of water in the body, but a recent study confirmed that the reduction is related directly down grease and not water, and was linked to complaints from many of the followers of the Diet headache, constipation, and low consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the study also found that dieters suffer from muscle cramping, diarrhea, general weakness and breath beside emergence nominated, a symptom associated with lack of carbohydrates.

Study said that the symptoms caused by the failure to get the brain and muscles on the adequacy of the sugars produced from carbohydrates to carry out its functions natural, and it should be noted that the last scientific study conducted on a diet rich in protein showed it reduces the likelihood of female fertility.

Specialist so it is advisable to follow the diet nutrition and health, which includes all food sources of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and mineral salts.

Diet Your Way To Work Fast And Efficient

How are the numbers of times that you said to yourself out, I'll start a new feeding system tomorrow or next week? Or that you will work for your body loss fast soon, or you are going on diet loss buttocks, for example.

Did I was frustrated by the large number of words you say to those passed day after day and month after month and even year after year without proceed with embarked on its implementation? If this is so are you reading these lines, there are five things I advise that since being implemented now in order to begin to lose weight.


As is known to all, that the most important element in the way of losing excess weight of your body is exercise; It is time to change your point of view to the exercise, meaning it is not only wearing sports clothes and running in a club or on a home device. But that it could be simpler than that.

Where you can replace all of this to move for any reason, Kabaka your car in a place far from the place desirable to be able to burn more calories, or use the stairs instead of the elevator as much as possible, or be racing to do household chores possible. The practice of such acts is as important as exercise in burning calories, and whenever burned more calories whenever I lost more weight. As said similarly, "money is not aware of the whole leave whole."


Once you’re motivating yourself a pen and paper. Write in the paper all the reasons that might motivate you to lose weight. Do not stop before you get to ten points at the very least. Here are some suggestions that you may find useful:

My health will be better. Since to less than 5 kilos will reduce your chances of many diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

I will provide more money. For example, decrease your weight will not be forced to travel primarily because of the large area of the seats, or, for example, will not have to spend more money to buy a dress because of its large size.

I'll be able to enjoy with my kids and make them happy. As we all know the individual needs of us a lot of energy to keep up with children activity. By the way, this might be a reason for a lot of calories.

My sense of hunger will be reduced at a time so


Is now got ten reasons? May not be completed after the number, and even if you did not stop writing and go a notebook and pen with you and without you notice anything during the day may motivates you to lose weight.

The more points, the more will be larger enthusiastic to lose weight, and you will be surprised by a large and unexpected number of calories that enter your body on a daily basis. Such as picking up some French fries eaten by your son, or tasting a piece of chicken before eating to make sure the taste, or eat a piece of ice cream that you eat your daughter.

So please also record all the nutrients that enter your body unconsciously. This way you can avoid the introduction of calories not necessary to have your body but are capable of destroying any diet you want to follow.

You Know On A Diet Of Banana

These are based diet to eating bananas rich in fiber and vitamins, "my 6" B6 and "C" C and potassium, as well as to follow some dietary recommendations.

1 diet:

Breakfast: banana or more until you feel satiety, along with a glass of water half-hearted.

Food: a dish that you prefer eating condition that is creamy, in addition to the fruit of the banana.

Snack: allows you to eat a snack of sweets around three in the afternoon, if I felt hungry.

Dinner: meal that, but It is very important addressed before eight in the evening, with the fruit of the banana

2 Recommendations:

Advised to follow the exercises, "aerobics", in the morning

Eating breakfast may increase metabolism and reduces the likelihood of binge eating, during the day.

The avoided drinking coffee or any other beverage that contains caffeine, it could lead to the stability of blood sugar levels and reduces appetite.

Useful to refrain from eating food after eight in the evening, especially meals rich in calories

Stay away as much as possible about the dairy and milk products, high-calorie Thermal

3 assess diet:

You may not benefit some of these diets, especially women who suffer from a shortage of sugar in the blood, as the breakfast proposed contains a large amount of "carbohydrates."

However, it should be noted that the success of this diet is not due to characteristics of bananas exclusively, but to follow the recommendations on eating at certain hours of the day and avoid sweets, what will lead to reducing the amount of calories consumed and helps in reducing the excess kilos of weight.

Ideas To Lose Weight

Eating sufficient amounts of protein per day:

Protein is very important when it comes to weight loss without diet, specialists say that the burning of the protein needs to burn calories is greater than the calories they need to burn fat so make sure to presence of protein in your meals three constantly.

For example, the breakfast boiled egg - Lunch quarter grilled - steak dinner, and keep so daily with diversification among types of protein.

To the amount of protein that should be consumed daily, national identify the appropriate weight for your body and multiply 0.8 grams in weight. For example, if, for example, 170-pound weight, the right amount of protein to be 136 grams throughout the day

Increase activity:

Increased activity helps you lose weight without diet. It is very important to increase your activity, whether the exercise of motor sport on a regular basis or even without exercise.

For example, you can walk in the home during the commercial breaks of your serial favorite - do not calls and you sitting but locomotive.

Use a peace instead of the elevator - go to the market to buy your own needs. In short always to move when you have the opportunity

Improve the quality of food

It is very important to reduce fatty foods and fried and ready-made as well as reduce the use of salt in food and replace it with lemon and stop taking soft drinks.

Easy Ideas To Lose Weight

Many girls dream to have strength of agile shows it in the form of a beautiful and attractive, but fears many of exercise so their bodies do not look like the players lift weights.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve your ambition to get the strength attractive.

It is known that body fat accumulates in the human body with the passage of time and with the absence of physical activity, it becomes difficult to get rid of this fat accumulation after.

The question that arises is what can be done to prevent the accumulation of fat? The answer to this question is summed up in the following points:

Eat small meals throughout the day:

Eating several small meals during the day is one of the most effective ways. Let the interval between each meal and the other between two hours and a half to three hours because that in turn gives a lot of benefits that help to strengthen the process of metabolism.

Among these benefits are better control of appetite, better storage of glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue and storing nutrients that meet the needs of the body during the day in addition to improving bowel movement. And eating many small meals during the day requires you to eat, whether you're hungry or not, unlike al-Qaeda, a well-known eating when feeling hungry. The reason for this is that signals hunger means that there is a shortage of nutrients and you should not wait until feeling hungry.

Drink water:

You cannot deny that one of the many benefits those results from drinking adequate amounts of water daily.

One of the main benefits of drinking water as follows: -

Water helps anorexia: People who drink large quantities of water are relatively do not feel hungry which is called anorexia, which has a big role in getting rid of excess weight.

Water helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood: radical effect on cholesterol, where he works on the downgrade in the body, which helps to faster weight loss.

Water has a major role in proper digestion process: where the digestion process requires certain amounts of water and the lack of that amount may lead to problems in digestion and troubles of the body.

Water works to rid the liver of fat: because it is an essential element in getting rid of fat, which has an essential role in weight loss

Drink plenty of water to prevent the accumulation of water in the body: as a person who does not deal with an abundant amount of water the body utilizing a portion of this amount, and keeps the rest while eating a sufficient amount to make the body does not retain water within the body, leading to a significant lack of weight.

Herbs For Weight Loss

There are herbs that can be added as a dietary supplement such as different types of tea and food that will help you in implementing your program to lose weight and implemented optimally.

In addition, there are some herbs that contain Emulators friendly and beta carotene derivatives that increase basal metabolic rate of the body in order to increase the process of burning calories and fat and these herbs also act as a mild to inhibit appetite.

Some of these herbs give signals to the brain the stomach is full. The herbs can be classified as follows:

1 - Stimulating herbs: This qualitative encourages the body to burn more fat.

2 - Diuretic herbs: helps the body get rid of excess fluid.

3 - Herbal laxative: working on the evacuation of the bowels, reduce calorie consumption by disabling complete digestion.

4 - Appetite suppressants: reduce the feeling of hunger.

Increase Your Activity Level And Increase The Rate Of Fat Burning - How?

So what do we do? The proper way to increase the rate of burning body fat?

First, we have to know that sleep early of the most important factors that increase the rate of fat burning

Second, eat every 3-5 hours until the body get used to the dates fixed by the burn stored fat

Third: Drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses a day gives your body adequacy of fluid and helps burn fat

Fourth, exercise, light and medium, which increase the amount of muscle gradually very early in the morning to help the body to regain its activity and get rid of the accumulated fat

Fifth: choose foods that help to increase the rate of fat burning like: chili, green tea, protein, Yogurt, grapefruit, tuna fish, coffee, broccoli, oats, almonds and unsalted nuts.

Note: preferably green tea in bulk because its usefulness higher and coffee natural such as Turkish or espresso, not instant coffee, which melt without the presence of residues, always choose any eating or drinking on the nature without additives or preservatives as well as natural yogurt and not the mixture abnormal.

So we put our bodies on the right track, where the body begins to respond and increases the rate of fat burning, which leads to weight loss gradually until it reaches the agility and thus enjoys good health.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

How To Increase Your Activity Level And Increase The Rate Of Fat Burning?

Diets and expert slimming that our daily routines constitute our bodies one way or another without know, so stressed that not only the type of foods we eat and the quantity that determine the form of the body but also the level of activity and routine are which we choose and sleep schedules.

Is a complete system of integrated lead to weight gain, not just the calories we eat every day we must understand what happens when we decide to live without the stand and think of all the social habits and food that led to weight gain and thus to chronic diseases as possible to avoid them if we decided to change the style our lives.

If we look at our society and we found that we live to eat or eat to live. So this means, for example, we are in every occasion we have to eat whether we are hungry or not, and then look at the avalanche, which give we in these events and we find it much more than the needs of our bodies, especially if the level of activity and the movement of our low.

It also confirmed by specialist diets and expert slimming, that lifestyle-free activity and sport leads to lethargy and sagging muscles, sleep schedules affect the rate of fat burning negatively becomes the machine body to store fat and not subject to burn even if we decided to follow the diet does not respond, leading to frustration and sometimes despair of access to health and fitness goals.

In the end, provided steps and tips are important and the most important question is:

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How To Start Losing Weight

All models are equipped with switches ellipsoids load level that will pick up your type of training women of different skill levels.

How to start losing weight - It often happens that, having started to lose weight rapidly, people stopped halfway.

This is largely due not to physical fatigue or busy at work, and with the lack of motivation and psychological weakness. There are a few guidelines to follow which will allow confident start to lose weight and achieve the desired results.

Set a goal you wish to achieve: to lose, for example, 1.2 kg or 30 kg. Depending on this, it will be possible to choose the most suitable methods.

Chosen program should be clearly established, do not allow the slightest deviation from the course. Do not be distracted by extraneous things, departing from the schedule.

Clearly observe the training. To achieve positive results, it is necessary to sacrifice something. Observe moderation in training. If they will spend a lot of effort, there will be overtraining.

One should not think that lifting dumbbells a few times you perform the task. Need the right training cycles, with enough tension and relaxation.

If you cannot develop a program for yourself by yourself, ask for help to the coach. With anyone and never themselves do not compare.

Consider the fact that different people have different genetics of the body, affecting the set and weight loss and responds differently to training.

How To Shape Up Buttocks And Legs

Intensive training stepper contraindicated for people with diseases of the joints and the cardiovascular system.  To good effect is enough to train for 20-30 minutes daily.

Exercise Bike - It is without a doubt one of the most famous and sought after trainers for home use worldwide. Things to it contribute to rapid weight loss and the formation of a beautiful silhouette, because exercise bike uses the muscles of the body.

Classes on a stationary bike are ideal to spend 3-5 times a week. First workout should last 10-15 minutes, gradually reach the half-hour indicator.

Racetrack - Another popular exercise for the legs and buttocks. Running gives a great physical strain on the muscles of the lower extremities, increases ventilation and trains the heart muscle.

Jogging - it is the most natural form of exercise. Regular exercise on a treadmill promotes quick weight-loss and muscle building beautiful.

Elliptical trainer - Ellipse is a unique and innovative trainer, combining the functions of a stepper, treadmill and exercise bike. In other words, the ellipse simulates running up the steps.

This is truly a wonderful find for women who want to buy a beautiful proportionate figure. This simulator stimulates the muscles of the body, especially the hips, buttocks and legs.

At the initial stage of training is sufficient to carry 3-5 weeks for duration of 10-20 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 40 minutes.

How To Make Your Body In Good Physical Shape

Any self-improvement takes time and effort. Deciding to bring your body in good physical shape, tune in to a long standing work that requires systematic and self-control.

On the Internet there are many resources studying which any girl can make for them the best diet and exercise plan.

However, it is difficult for beginners to understand the large amount of information, and the original drive is replaced by uncertainty. In this case, help sessions in the gym under the supervision of a competent professional.

Master will give advice on the correct mode of the day, the main power supply, and also pick the type of physical activity, respectively, figures and basic training, if at the sports hall no time great alternative employment on”hardware" will be swimming and jogging.

In recent years, the increasing popularity of portable use different types of home exercise equipment for legs and buttocks muscles. Purchase this simulator becomes the perfect solution for young mothers and women simply appreciating spare time.

Stepper - One of the most democratic and effective simulators for the home is a stepper. This device is small in size, easy to carry and ideal for a small space. Stepper simulates walking the stairs, creating a substantial load on leg muscles and buttocks.

Classes in this simulator will form a beautiful ass, help in getting rid of cellulite, and as an adjunct - develop coordination and align posture.

How To Choose Diet For Weight Loss

Choose a diet - Diet should not be taken as a magic tool. Need to look at her skeptically about their habits and tastes, lifestyle features and related psychological and physical stress.

Most importantly, the diet was healthy. The body must receive all necessary trace elements in the correct proportions. Really effective diet excludes lack in the diet of any kinds of products.

Choosing Expedited diet, it should be understood that the result may be pleased, but it will not last long. Typically, these diets involve diet, which would be impossible to stick with for a long time, and, consequently, on the long-lasting results do not count. Optimal variant supply must be such that it was not difficult, stick to it for life.

You should consult with an expert about the diet you like; he will assess the state of your body and the presence of contraindications. After all, when choosing a diet it's not just about beauty, but primarily about health.

Selecting the Leg and buttocks - Slender legs and elastic buttocks - the dream of many modern girls, you can achieve physical perfection with proper healthy diet and special beauty treatments, but the greatest effect is achieved only when the regular sports.

After the appearance of special simulators purchase fine form has become much easier. It only remains to find out what kinds of simulators for the legs and buttocks most effective.

Which Diet Is Suitable For Weight Loss

There are plenty of diets, following which you can achieve the desired results. The most important thing when choosing the most appropriate - to preserve the health and the result.

Range of diets - Total developed about forty thousand different methods of weight loss. Low-calorie diets, balanced, unbalanced, limiting, low-and high-fat, protein and carbohydrates, as well as diet, based on the psychological effects on humans.

Such diversity leads to the conclusion that the best option for all people power immediately, does not exist, but only certain rules to be followed when choosing a diet.

The same diet for one person can cause irreparable harm, and the other to return to normal life. Weight loss methods and all their variants have a common basis: food should consume much less in volume than the body requires.

The smaller the amount of calories, the higher the guarantee of a positive result of weight loss. We should remember that every person is different and has to him inherent metabolism that greatly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the diet.

If the body expends more calories than it receives, one gets excellent results even from small food restrictions.

This is the most important rule of weight loss, because there is no such a diet in which you can lose weight, getting calories from food and is not wasting any energy.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Apply Tea For Weight Loss

Apply tea for weight loss worth courses, among which must be breaks. This helps prevent addictive and disruption in the digestive tract.

Use of this tea gives results only after some time. Its use will not help get rid of the heavy weight. Action quality tea for weight loss soft and gradual; this means that the result will be more durable.

Buy tea better in specialty stores or pharmacies. You should also carefully examine the ingredients and instructions for use. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. There are several main components that can go into a tea for weight loss.

It may be a lotus leaf. They purify the body and help to get rid of fatigue. Weight loss affects the process of fat breakdown in the body. Rhubarb activates the intestines.

Most teas have a laxative effect. Cactus species called Gordon, helps suppress appetite and thirst. It will also influence the process of burning fat.

In tea composition can include additional substances, which will enhance the action of the main components. You may want to make their teas.

There are many recipes that allow you to combine different components. Does slimming belt gives weight loss results? I'm sure many of you have heard of such a thing as slimming belt.

But not all are, how it works. Especially on the market today presented as models of this device, that they can be confusing.

Ways To Reduce Your Weight Naturally

People who regularly use fasting to improve health, lose weight is not as fast as the body adapts and begins to consume resources more efficiently.

If we apply the fasting, we should not at the same time increase physical activity, as it launches mechanisms for obtaining nutrients in the process of gas exchange. Positive effect may have a variety of massages, physiotherapy and sauna.

Such measures improve blood flow and speed up metabolism. If you use fasting for weight loss should be remembered that the greater the initial weight, the more and faster weight loss will initially starvation.

Fasting is best to use the people that exit from this state plan to completely change the style of food. This method is best used under the supervision of an expert, to do no harm to health.

Tea, which helps to lose weight - Unfortunately, most of these products has a strong diuretic or laxative effect.

The decrease in weight is most often associated with a loss of fluid. To improve the efficiency of such a tea reception need to combine it with a balanced diet and physical activity.

Worth a closer approach to the selection and use of tea for weight loss, because its use can cause dehydration, loss of nutrients and potassium, impaired kidney function, muscle weakness, and more.

Such disorders can manifest as dysuria in the kidneys and feelings of weakness.

Fasting For Weight Loss

To achieve optimal health and fitness is useful to develop a habit to eat more food during the day, to have enough time for its digestion.

In the evening, should eat as little as possible. Thus, you will improve your metabolism and will burn unwanted fat and calories.

Fasting for weight loss - Fasting for weight loss can help to improve and cleanse the body. This weight loss method will require endurance and self-control, because the body is used to getting a certain amount of food at a certain time.

Proponents believe that this method of fasting weight loss and recovery is affordable and natural. When a person begins to starve in the early days, he can reset every day from one hundred grams to kilograms of weight.

This means that for a week with the right approach, you can lose up to eight pounds. Before embarking on a long fast, you need to cleanse the body.

This can be accomplished by applying a daily or two-day fasting every week for several months. It should be noted that after a man used the fasting for weight loss, weight can come back and be even larger than the original 5-10 pounds.

Fasting weight can decline rapidly, but typed it just as quickly. To avoid weight gain and return should be revised food.

Diet Designed For Weight Control

There are special cases, also prescribes the diet due to certain medical reasons.

Special diet typically includes, excludes or controls the intake of certain chemicals from products that contain them, and mandatory use of people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, kidney disease, lactose intolerance.

Diet designed for weight control is the following: low-fat, low-carb, natural, vegetarian and low-calorie.

People wanting to lose weight, should seek professional help in weight control as well as uncontrolled diet can lead to long-term starvation, depression, decreased libido, fatigue, irritability, fainting, decreased muscle mass, rashes, gallbladder disease, sagging skin.

Tips for weight management - Ideal weight are one of the effective ways to achieve health and good physical shape knows how to control your weight and make it perfect for you because weight control provides useful balanced nutrition and regular exercise.

Here's how you can control your weight: Drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

Dehydration causes a decrease in appetite and promotes weight loss is so strong that it can be harmful to the health of the whole organism.

To avoid dehydration, you should drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Eat slowly.

Lack of haste while eating allows you to enjoy the taste of food, but also helps its full assimilation.

As a result, the saturation occurs faster and you will eat small portions of food. Eat more during the day and less at night.

How To Control Your Weight By Diet

You'll learn how to get rid once and for all, not only from the second chin, but also on the facial wrinkles. Smooth face and neck, you can use simple exercises.

A total of 12 minutes during the day, 12 minutes in the evening and after a couple of weeks you will notice results.

How to control your weight by diet? More and more people now control their weight because of the dangers that obesity carries health.

One of the most common ways to control weight is to diet. Dieting has become one of the most popular means of weight control for the majority of people are overweight in the world.

What you need to know about diet and its observance? Most people believe that a diet - its adjustable power to achieve short-term goals set, or weight loss.

In fact, the diet - is a useful food that came into the habit, and focuses more on the long-term goal. Studies show that most diets goal is to reduce excess body weight.

But there are also types of diets that are assigned to achieve certain medical purposes. There are diets designed for weight gain and muscle building.

In fact, the diet is of two types: a diet for weight loss, which prohibits certain foods or food groups in order to optimize the weight and diet for weight gain, designed to achieve a higher weight category (if you choose this type of diet, read article as better ).

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How To Fight With Their Weight? No Dessert? No Problem

It's hard to resist unhealthy food, but with good organization it is possible to prepare healthy meals and feel better.

Nutritionist and Chef has written several recommendations to any diet or weight reduction attempt to make tolerable exploit.

From various sides we get a lot of advice to focus on the bad foods and try to eliminate it from their menus, such as snack foods, fries and soft drinks, but anyone who has spent a few hours in the company of two year old knows what his ban, even desirable.

Neither our appetite is not far away. Even when we tell ourselves that we should reject a particular food, we feel deprived. We can become terribly demanding and constantly think about what we cannot (eat). And it gives the feeling of thinking that is impossible to avoid, and even harder to resist.

No dessert? No problem

Some people cannot resist the habit that every meal with a sweet finish. Like other and is aware of the dangers of excessive sugar intake. In my experience says that if you focus all week not eating dessert, indoor, kids, small voice says it's okay to give in sometimes.

However, it can prevent cheating; good organization and a weekly procurement provide you enough variety of fruit that you like to enjoy every day in a variety of flavors, especially the exotic as an apple in the evening not to become boring. Get bananas for Monday, fresh pineapple slice on Tuesday, dried figs treat your taste on Wednesday.

Favorite vegetables

The same principles should be kept in when it comes to vegetables. Just as you cannot force children to eat everything vegetables (especially what they do not like), treat yourself to vegetables that you like and save it in a way that you like.

I decided that two or even three different types of vegetables for lunch or dinner that is saved on my favorite way to almost completely eliminate bread, pastries and other minimally nutritious starchy foods.

Recipes For Natural Skin Protection And Skin From Drying During Winter

With the entry of the winter season begins in facial skin dehydration, but to keep the skin from drying there are some masks and facial masks easy preparation at home, all of the components of natural circulation inside the house and easy to obtain.

Professor of drugs and medicinal plants, there are several catches can manufacture by women in the home to keep the skin supple and vibrant:

Mask and a face mask to re vitality and freshness of the skin, and is prepared by mixing the following components (the number one choice sliced + a few slices of avocado + number one egg white +2 tablespoon milk powder), and is multiplied by this mixture in a blender until smooth textures are then repeated it on the face circular motion and leave for half an hour, then rinse with cold water.

Refers that anyone who wants to get rid of removing layers of dead skin and moisturize the skin is blending the following ingredients together (2 tablespoon honey +1 tablespoon lemon juice +1 tablespoon olive oil, a tablespoon and a half brown sugar), mix these ingredients well is then repeated it on the skin.

Leave for half an hour, then rinse with warm water, and Emery oily skin and give them the brightest and the appearance of a healthy permanent Mix the following ingredients (2 tablespoons oats fine +1 tablespoon of cut avocado +1 tablespoon honey) blends these ingredients well in a bowl until given the mainstay thick, and is repeated it in a circular motion on the face dampened with water and leaves 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Dry Milk And Strawberries Make The Face Brighter And Freshness

Milk powder has great charm with all skin types and works on purified and filtered all tinged signs because of pimples or dead cells or color pale dark, and we must ensure every girl that used milk powder in convinced her weekly or daily carried out by the skin of her face and her hands and her neck and her whole body.

He pointed out that milk powder is given a manifestation mentally a youth skin from the outside, which is a fatty layer, but beautiful and supple.

The inside is working to penetrate the pores open and fed underneath the outer layer of the skin and makes it supple internally and externally, and at the same time keeps the pores, prevents penetrate the dust and germs him from many problems, and given the degree of brighter colors and opening to the skin

Strawberries with milk powder or liquid working to increase the luminosity of the skin and give it a pure form and taut youth and natural, and this mask specifically works on dislocations in the pores of the skin, and works on the freshness in addition to being given the lumen of the skin, such as that obtained by the girls through cosmetics.

What Is The Treatment Of Blackheads Face?

Says: "I am a girl in seventeen years old, and I suffer warheads black face, in addition to the presence of some black spots on the cheeks, how can treat these cases"

Answer the question, professor of dermatology, said: blackheads occur as a result of grain dust accumulation on these pills and its union with fatty substances in them through the pores of the skin, and do not recommend that you remove them girls. "

The treatment of grain requires a lot of eating fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain vitamins, there are natural ways to cure without medicines, as happens by sea water and the sun's rays and the popularity of the use of plants that have a characteristic treatment of boils and pimples that appear in the face, whether lotion or paints in the form of cream. "

The black spots that appear on the cheeks it happens in women more than men, and the most important factors that help its appearance is exposure to sunlight for long periods of time, for the prevention of infection spots of black into account the reduction of exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time and the use of protectors from the sun to prevent the effect of radiation on the skin, which is a cream used on the skin directly, cannot fail to use honey bees on the skin heals from the incidence of these grains as well as paint the face with a spoon of sativa oil with a tablespoon of olive oil for an hour it gives the face the purity and clarity, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin content, and the roots of parsley and papers shall serve well in the treatment and attend boiling put 10 grams of parsley leaves per cup of boiling water and wash the face.

The advice is important that help the freshness of the skin for all people is the distance from the anxiety and stress and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamins that give the skin softness and freshness, and try to exercise and simplest walking and away from smoking and to ensure, with the need for a lot of use of medicinal plants and aromatic, whether in the form of powder or cream or lotion and reduce the use of chemicals, which have side effects.

I would also advise women and girls, in particular, the economy in the face powders and creams and the use of known species such as the distance from an accursed harsh and ensure all taken care of exposure to the sun for long periods with moderate intake of sugars and starches so enjoy everyone generally crisp and good health.

Can Determine The Prevalence Of Skin Cancer From The Analysis Of Blood

Continued research study at a conference of the National Cancer Institute, that a simple analysis of the blood, it can help to identify patients who have skin cancer has spread to them.

The "BBC" that the use of blood tests are simple and accurate way to discover the extent of disease progression and early indicator of the extent of the disease, and added that this would give doctors and patients important information at a time is much faster than is now possible.

Pointed out that it is difficult to detect and treat melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer has spread, say researchers at the University of Dundee, said the measure rates of a gene called FBI T-12 (TFP12) in the DNA in the blood, and it may be an indication of the spread of the disease.

The Cancer Research UK said that the results of the study may lead to faster diagnosis of the disease and to find new treatments.

Professor of dermatology at the University, that the use of blood tests to determine the DNA features and an easy way to see what is going on under the skin.

The rate of survival for eight out of every ten people with melanoma to ten years, but experts believe that more could be done for patients who have cancer has spread to other organs.

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Landmark For The 2014th Oral Health

You will become a landmark for the 2014 oral health of Americans

National program for prevention of oral children can become the basis for developing successful projects targeted to other age groups are clear dental practitioners and experts in the field

Approximately 71% of children up to 6 years at home with caries in deciduous teeth, affected by them are usually 3 or 4.

In the group of 12-year average of 3 permanent teeth with caries, and for 18 years the number of affected permanent teeth already reached 6.

Only 30% of 6-year-olds in the country are without caries in 12-year rates dropped further, reaching 22%.Only 35% of children and young people up to age 18 have healthy gums, which mean that 65% have a disease of the gums and supporting apparatus.

These data from a large screening study of experts in pediatric dentistry were presented yesterday at a round table in the Annual National Forum of the Americans Dental Association - 2013.

Study was carried out by dentists from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna and has covered 21,160 children from all regions and types of settlements.

It can be assumed that the results of it reflect the oral status of American children as a whole, it does not sound good is the conclusion of experts in dentistry.

Tips For Muscle Training

The optimum dosage of creatine must be 3-6 grams per day. Glutamine - 5.10 grams. These two supplements are also catching up in the muscle extra fluid that stimulates and expands its range of muscle mass.

Water - If your body does not have enough water, it is a negative state will promote the destruction of muscle. Therefore, always drink plenty of water. And it is water. Many advise to determine the required amount of water to you by the following formula. Divide your body weight by 2 and the rightmost digit comma.

If you weigh, for example, 80 pounds, then you need to drink 4 liters of fluid per day. This is of course, a lot and many will not drink so much. But never try to "dry up."

Tips for training - What we are stronger, the more so the development of force is directly proportional to the development of muscle mass, the first phase of the exercises is performed explosive efforts to lift the weight as fast as possible, which means you need to make more effort.

During recruitment of muscle mass is not aerobics and other similar occupations, because this kind of exercise contributes to the disintegration of the essential amino acids BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, valine) that are responsible for muscle growth.

Practice powerlifting style when you need to lift weights 3-6 times. These exercises will give you the power to increase strength and mass.

How To Train Your Calf Muscles

How to train your calf muscles - Have you heard that the injured athlete earned by working with the exercise of the calf? However, it is possible, when the rise on your toes done in spurts, not smoothly, and with more weight.

This is how you can damage and calves, and spine itself. The entire set of exercises on caviar certainly made smoothly and in full range, and the number of repetitions - medium or high. Your back is strengthened deadlifts?

Then the pressures on eggs should not cause problems in the simulator. Upgrades to the toe of one foot are also useful, along with lifting weights on his back with the help of a partner.

Standing calf raises should be performed on straight legs, when the main burden falls on the calf muscles, the exception is the use of ultra-intense methods, but there is another option - to climb up socks sitting in which the main load is distributed on the soleus muscle.

Exercises on caviar  - However, someone tried lifting exercise sitting, declared its absolute uselessness, attributing merit development calf exercise with the rise on the toes of one foot, using dumbbells in hand of participating in the exercise feet.

Among other assistants, calf raises with a partner on the back and standing on a simulator exercise for calves. Of course, the most important exercise for the legs - is squatting and its variants.

Availability Of Bodybuilding And Fitness

Do you imagine when you look in the mirror and your figure? Women like men sports. Men like taut and slender women.

If you're thinking about time for you to figure trained in the gym. Availability of bodybuilding and fitness makes these sports are a universal tool that corresponds to the time that you can give exercises and goals that you pursue.

We strive to surround you with balanced relations with the world. Exercises to develop and strengthen muscles, help us to become such, what we want to see yourself.

You can set us the desire to master figure; you can do to maintain muscle tone, as they say, health. In the civilized world, people have not only a job and a house;

many people like to visit sports facilities, or to install a gym or fitness equipment at home. You can find yourself, your gym I (shaking). Feel the weight of iron because of their muscles.

Develop independently of the constitution: small and slender gain muscle mass, gain weight, large and heavy to lose those extra pounds.

Beautiful ladies become more beautiful and all is to feel confident in themselves and their abilities more than 15 mil people all over the planet are sports halls ideal place for maintaining good physical fitness, fat loss, muscle building, get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

How To Achieve The Desired Result In Bodybuilding

The reason for the lack of progress is that they do not enjoy the increased weight loads. That is, each training session for them - it's the same exercise, the same weight, and accordingly, the same result, or rather - his absence.

Famous bodybuilders can confirm that in order to achieve the desired result every time it is very important to put before him in training intractable challenges. This should be done gradually, but not necessarily every time.

After all, everything is very simple: there is no increase loads - no muscle growth. Talking about the secrets of success in bodybuilding, it is important to notice another important factor - keeping a diary.

"Is the most common diary?" - You ask. No, not the usual, and training. This is a real opportunity to carry out the planning and allocation of training sessions, to remind ourselves of the principle of overload and other tangible aspects.

You must agree, very convenient to note in his diary weight taken you today in training and plan on the basis of the weight that you take the following training.

Fitness, Body building & Body engineering! Fitness (from the English verb "to fit" - fit to be in good shape) Bodybuilding (from the English construction of the body) Body engineering (from the English. Engineering of the body) Bodybuilding and fitness is suitable for anyone, look at the reasons for his choice of the sport.