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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Aerobic Exercises And Their Relationship To The Perfection Of Objects

We often hear the word and many players do not understand the meaning of the word and originally understood, does not find the importance of exercise.

Aerobic exercises with the utmost importance in improving the level of the player and add details on his body and his muscles and then the symmetry of the year.

And to write on this subject several reasons.

1) Ignorance bulks the importance of this exercise and non-exercise.

2) The right way to burn fat and reduce weight and not training with weights, unlike common if you want to reduce your weight are exercises aerobics is the foundation and be exercises weights are CMOS and vice versa.

3) Try to help in the transfer of colleagues from the stage of initiation to the stage of professionalism or good practice.

4) Problems met me personally during my flight training and I cannot find the solution, but with the beginning of my practice for reap the dividends magnificent.

5) Demolition and compositions and harbingers heard a lot of non-specialists for aerobic right all kinds of activities and exercise are divided into two main types first exercises anaerobic either second is aerobic exercises.

For example, to train with weights on the way bodybuilding (lifting weights with large number of occurrences of a few in a short time) is considered

Exercises an aerobic because they are in the absence of oxygen any you to push the weight or lift it and you muffler your breath after a period of aspiratory average depth in order to succeed in performing the movement properly, which means its high intensity explosive to the muscles of the body.

So that the body is deprived of supplying the muscle that is located by training oxygenating so notes you gasping deeply after the group severe intensity where your body in desperate need for oxygen, which deprived him for a while and then to rest between the groups to pick up your breath and so can the body that gets the fuel for the process of training the anaerobic.

He shall burn glycogen and blood sugar stored in muscle, liver, and blood stream and what progress can be seen that due to this short intense anaerobic and intensity, they hinder the body taking the reserves of energy stored as fat excess in the body and this destroys slimming through the weightlifting exercises and shows the victims who go.

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