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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Do Not Be Afraid That No I Was Just Sitting At A Desk Exercise

If we go back in time, it will be seen that each day most people spend more time at a desk most. especially office workers who have to work with computers and documents. , and some of them fueled a hard time. to exercise or even take care of myself. thus causing a disease called. offices syndrome, but you do not have to worry about the problem anymore because today we have a workout at the work table. is there a different

Stretching from the administration of the neck by a turn to the left and right alternately until  20  times  , then switch to manage the shoulders, with rotation to the front and rear side.  Ten times followed by rotating both hands going clockwise and counter-clockwise each,  when finished, he stretched his arms to the back of you, by the two hands clasped together.  tried to put his hand to be close to the back plate.  Then I leaned forward and hold for about 10 seconds to manage the quantity of
Executive arms, legs and hips, arms stretched out to the end  , and raised his arms in line with shoulders.  , while also putting the foot to attach. close to the ground,  then tried to lift the hips up as you can balance it.  ( like squatting  on)  do hold for about  5-10  seconds  , then sit back as it was  , and then repeat the same steps to get around.

Administration and ankle
First have to warm up the ankles  , and your feet to be ready first.  , by placing the foot on the ground, tapping toes both sides, about.  10th  times  , then stomping feet on approx.  You can also use this same administration with your hands as well.

Executive arm and wrist started to sit up straight,  then placed both on the arm of your chair.  ( but see the chair of the before it is strong and stable, good or not.  moment to slip fall out easily.  etc)  and then try to lift your body up with both hands.  , where the feet are not touching the ground,  trying to hold it to be about.  5  seconds  , then Sit back, same position  , then repeat the same process over.  5-10  times  should be routine in every day.

Use the equipment for fitness in addition to physical management above.  , you may put other accessories.  was  used with them  , whether it is  water bottles or balls  to add interest in administration even more.  , such as  bringing water bottles to replace Adam Bell.  raised between sitting at the table, after learning about exercise different.  I  already  do not forget to practice with it.  , so you do not have good health coverage.  then the problem is lack of time is not an excuse to avoid the gym anymore.  most importantly, remember the good things.  Others Tell them to do with it.

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