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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Story Of The Struggle Of The Oldest Champion Bodybuilder In The World

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After six decades of that success is still go to the fitness center, but to help his son in the management of the center and help visitors to the place in how to get muscles like that she has.

And no longer holds weights as a result of a stroke suffered last year and despite the fact that his children did not behave the way one of them in bodybuilding, but the training helped him get several awards, where he trained champion bodybuilder, while another student has succeeded in obtaining the title of champion of the universe.

The secret of his long life is to stay happy and simply deal with problems in addition to the food component of milk, fruits, vegetables and rice with lentils and thickness to maintain health, and added that he did not smoke throughout his life and never tried alcohol.

However, the only thing you regret it is not to interview his colleague, the most famous course in the universe champion bodybuilder Arnold, adding that he had seen many of the films made by Arnold and was impressed.

Having met sons and grandchildren and grandchildren of his sons in the western city of Kolkata to celebrate his birthday, which the Indian priests sang prayers in Hindu held a feast in his honor outside his home.

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