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Saturday, 26 April 2014


The best thermo genie in FAT BURNING, SUPPLEMENTS
Quall the working principle of fat burners?
Does it even work? How to choose the best? The Oxy Elite Pro is dangerous for you and it is banned in several countries?
The truth about the thermo genie.
And thermo genie fat burners are one of the types of sports supplements sold throughout the world: the search for an easy way to lose weight the most, most people tend to believe in advertising any product that promises to have this effect.
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In most cases, a simple basic knowledge allows us to understand that almost all of these supplements, commonly known as fat burners, have no ability to burn fat, since its main ingredient is caffeine just common.
Act as fat burners?
The ingredients of the burners are normally divided into four types:
1) Diuretics, which remove water from the body,
2) Thermo genie that increase the body temperature and, to some extent, accelerate the metabolism,
3) and appetite suppressants.
4) Component fat burners.
With respect to the fat burners components, only one has proven - mine ( iodine ) which is a derivative of Yeomen on very popular times. Apparently, this substance actually changes the metabolism of adipose tissue (1).

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