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Sunday, 4 May 2014

How To Fight With Their Weight? No Dessert? No Problem

It's hard to resist unhealthy food, but with good organization it is possible to prepare healthy meals and feel better.

Nutritionist and Chef has written several recommendations to any diet or weight reduction attempt to make tolerable exploit.

From various sides we get a lot of advice to focus on the bad foods and try to eliminate it from their menus, such as snack foods, fries and soft drinks, but anyone who has spent a few hours in the company of two year old knows what his ban, even desirable.

Neither our appetite is not far away. Even when we tell ourselves that we should reject a particular food, we feel deprived. We can become terribly demanding and constantly think about what we cannot (eat). And it gives the feeling of thinking that is impossible to avoid, and even harder to resist.

No dessert? No problem

Some people cannot resist the habit that every meal with a sweet finish. Like other and is aware of the dangers of excessive sugar intake. In my experience says that if you focus all week not eating dessert, indoor, kids, small voice says it's okay to give in sometimes.

However, it can prevent cheating; good organization and a weekly procurement provide you enough variety of fruit that you like to enjoy every day in a variety of flavors, especially the exotic as an apple in the evening not to become boring. Get bananas for Monday, fresh pineapple slice on Tuesday, dried figs treat your taste on Wednesday.

Favorite vegetables

The same principles should be kept in when it comes to vegetables. Just as you cannot force children to eat everything vegetables (especially what they do not like), treat yourself to vegetables that you like and save it in a way that you like.

I decided that two or even three different types of vegetables for lunch or dinner that is saved on my favorite way to almost completely eliminate bread, pastries and other minimally nutritious starchy foods.

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