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Thursday, 8 May 2014

You Know On A Diet Of Banana

These are based diet to eating bananas rich in fiber and vitamins, "my 6" B6 and "C" C and potassium, as well as to follow some dietary recommendations.

1 diet:

Breakfast: banana or more until you feel satiety, along with a glass of water half-hearted.

Food: a dish that you prefer eating condition that is creamy, in addition to the fruit of the banana.

Snack: allows you to eat a snack of sweets around three in the afternoon, if I felt hungry.

Dinner: meal that, but It is very important addressed before eight in the evening, with the fruit of the banana

2 Recommendations:

Advised to follow the exercises, "aerobics", in the morning

Eating breakfast may increase metabolism and reduces the likelihood of binge eating, during the day.

The avoided drinking coffee or any other beverage that contains caffeine, it could lead to the stability of blood sugar levels and reduces appetite.

Useful to refrain from eating food after eight in the evening, especially meals rich in calories

Stay away as much as possible about the dairy and milk products, high-calorie Thermal

3 assess diet:

You may not benefit some of these diets, especially women who suffer from a shortage of sugar in the blood, as the breakfast proposed contains a large amount of "carbohydrates."

However, it should be noted that the success of this diet is not due to characteristics of bananas exclusively, but to follow the recommendations on eating at certain hours of the day and avoid sweets, what will lead to reducing the amount of calories consumed and helps in reducing the excess kilos of weight.

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