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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ideas To Lose Weight

Eating sufficient amounts of protein per day:

Protein is very important when it comes to weight loss without diet, specialists say that the burning of the protein needs to burn calories is greater than the calories they need to burn fat so make sure to presence of protein in your meals three constantly.

For example, the breakfast boiled egg - Lunch quarter grilled - steak dinner, and keep so daily with diversification among types of protein.

To the amount of protein that should be consumed daily, national identify the appropriate weight for your body and multiply 0.8 grams in weight. For example, if, for example, 170-pound weight, the right amount of protein to be 136 grams throughout the day

Increase activity:

Increased activity helps you lose weight without diet. It is very important to increase your activity, whether the exercise of motor sport on a regular basis or even without exercise.

For example, you can walk in the home during the commercial breaks of your serial favorite - do not calls and you sitting but locomotive.

Use a peace instead of the elevator - go to the market to buy your own needs. In short always to move when you have the opportunity

Improve the quality of food

It is very important to reduce fatty foods and fried and ready-made as well as reduce the use of salt in food and replace it with lemon and stop taking soft drinks.

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