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Saturday, 3 May 2014

How To Achieve The Desired Result In Bodybuilding

The reason for the lack of progress is that they do not enjoy the increased weight loads. That is, each training session for them - it's the same exercise, the same weight, and accordingly, the same result, or rather - his absence.

Famous bodybuilders can confirm that in order to achieve the desired result every time it is very important to put before him in training intractable challenges. This should be done gradually, but not necessarily every time.

After all, everything is very simple: there is no increase loads - no muscle growth. Talking about the secrets of success in bodybuilding, it is important to notice another important factor - keeping a diary.

"Is the most common diary?" - You ask. No, not the usual, and training. This is a real opportunity to carry out the planning and allocation of training sessions, to remind ourselves of the principle of overload and other tangible aspects.

You must agree, very convenient to note in his diary weight taken you today in training and plan on the basis of the weight that you take the following training.

Fitness, Body building & Body engineering! Fitness (from the English verb "to fit" - fit to be in good shape) Bodybuilding (from the English construction of the body) Body engineering (from the English. Engineering of the body) Bodybuilding and fitness is suitable for anyone, look at the reasons for his choice of the sport.

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