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Sunday, 4 May 2014

What Is The Treatment Of Blackheads Face?

Says: "I am a girl in seventeen years old, and I suffer warheads black face, in addition to the presence of some black spots on the cheeks, how can treat these cases"

Answer the question, professor of dermatology, said: blackheads occur as a result of grain dust accumulation on these pills and its union with fatty substances in them through the pores of the skin, and do not recommend that you remove them girls. "

The treatment of grain requires a lot of eating fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain vitamins, there are natural ways to cure without medicines, as happens by sea water and the sun's rays and the popularity of the use of plants that have a characteristic treatment of boils and pimples that appear in the face, whether lotion or paints in the form of cream. "

The black spots that appear on the cheeks it happens in women more than men, and the most important factors that help its appearance is exposure to sunlight for long periods of time, for the prevention of infection spots of black into account the reduction of exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time and the use of protectors from the sun to prevent the effect of radiation on the skin, which is a cream used on the skin directly, cannot fail to use honey bees on the skin heals from the incidence of these grains as well as paint the face with a spoon of sativa oil with a tablespoon of olive oil for an hour it gives the face the purity and clarity, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin content, and the roots of parsley and papers shall serve well in the treatment and attend boiling put 10 grams of parsley leaves per cup of boiling water and wash the face.

The advice is important that help the freshness of the skin for all people is the distance from the anxiety and stress and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamins that give the skin softness and freshness, and try to exercise and simplest walking and away from smoking and to ensure, with the need for a lot of use of medicinal plants and aromatic, whether in the form of powder or cream or lotion and reduce the use of chemicals, which have side effects.

I would also advise women and girls, in particular, the economy in the face powders and creams and the use of known species such as the distance from an accursed harsh and ensure all taken care of exposure to the sun for long periods with moderate intake of sugars and starches so enjoy everyone generally crisp and good health.

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