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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Risks Of The Diet

If you follow the protein diet or you're thinking followed. Must be wondering whether having any side effects; In fact you hurt yourself by following this type of diet

There are some points that need to be understood by when you follow this type of diet which depends on only as a primary source of protein, such as the Atkins diet. Atkins charcoal may help to lose weight quickly, but it has several side effects, including: drought, the loss of calcium, body weakness, nausea, and many problems in the kidneys.

This diet may be the most dangerous in people with health problems such as heart disease, stress, and diabetes and kidney disease. An example of this people with diabetes type I, which depends on insulin, are particularly vulnerable to injury down the sugar if you do not eat the necessary amount of carbohydrates, and is another example of people who engage in regular exercise may become infected decline in energy level and therefore weakness in the muscles of the body.

Suffered diet, which depends on the consumption of unlimited amounts of protein and fat in preventing eating foods rich in carbohydrates, recently for a series of practical tests

Concluded new study results when compared to evidence obtained from 60 study about the campaign beside fevers again rely on the limited use of carbohydrates and entranced by the results of studies Several small, conducted earlier scientists since have shown that users of the Atkins diet lose more weight than those who limited their diet on a diet traditionally depends on easing the consumption of fat and calories.

Suspected of scientists to review the weights who rely on a diet of limited use very carbohydrate, perhaps is associated with low rates of water in the body, but a recent study confirmed that the reduction is related directly down grease and not water, and was linked to complaints from many of the followers of the Diet headache, constipation, and low consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the study also found that dieters suffer from muscle cramping, diarrhea, general weakness and breath beside emergence nominated, a symptom associated with lack of carbohydrates.

Study said that the symptoms caused by the failure to get the brain and muscles on the adequacy of the sugars produced from carbohydrates to carry out its functions natural, and it should be noted that the last scientific study conducted on a diet rich in protein showed it reduces the likelihood of female fertility.

Specialist so it is advisable to follow the diet nutrition and health, which includes all food sources of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and mineral salts.

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